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Celebration of Disability Campaigns

Political Tributes:

Ed Miliband – I am very sad to hear of the death of Jack Ashley. He was an outstanding servant of the Labour party and an extraordinary campaigner for equal rights for people with disabilities… read more

David Cameron – He was a tireless campaigner for disabled people and had a huge impact, not just through his charity work and pushing for legislation in Parliament, but also in changing attitudes. … read more

Gordon Brown – Jack Ashley was the greatest champion Britain’s disabled have had … read more

David Miliband – I first met Jack Ashley through his family, so the first side of him I saw was warmth and humour…read more

Neil Kinnock – No one who knew Jack Ashley and understood his political pedigree, his genius, his extraordinary sense of purpose doubts that, without his affliction, he would have been – at very least – among the leaders of Labour and deservedly distinguished in such roles. read more

David Blunkett – Jack Ashley was a pioneer who set aside his disability and by doing so forged a path which others, including me, have been able to follow… read more

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